Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Character Interview: Maggie McCafferty

*Coming Soon, Book 2 of the Walk the Right Road Series, Lost and Found. Remember Maggie McCafferty, Richard's Wife, this loveable woman who managed to get herself in so much trouble with Marcie in, The Choice. Today I’ve included a character interview of Maggie McCafferty, and she is the main character in Book 2, Lost and Found. For those of you who have read The Choice, you will remember loveable innocent Maggie who wanted nothing more than to protect those she loved from Dan. Lost and Found, is Maggie’s story.

Their Loss Tore Them Apart.Will Their Enemy Bring Them Back Together?

Character Interview: Maggie McCafferty
You suffered a terrible loss, could you tell the readers a little about what happened?
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
I understand. But in your grief you packed up your child and left Richard. What made you decide to leave instead of working out your issues?
“He wasn’t there for me. He became a stranger I didn’t know. All I wanted was for him to hold me, love me, and comfort me. And he couldn’t do that. He stayed out all night, started drinking. I couldn’t take the blame anymore, and blame is all I saw when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t need Richards reminder that it was all my fault. Even though he didn’t say those words he said it with each passing glance, the way he left a room when I entered, and the fact he couldn’t stand to touch me.”
When a place for rent in Gardiner became available, that small house, I took it.  Because I believed it would be better and we’d be better off without Richard.
And how is that going for you?
“Well not so well. Richard cancelled all my credit cards. He seized my SUV, and he emptied our bank account so I’ve no money. I had a small savings account in my name, but its almost empty.”
Will you and Richard be able to work out your differences and reconcile?
She let out a heavy sigh. “I hired a lawyer. He’s a nice man and he’s put together a separation agreement. He warned to play fair, even up against Richard’s shark he hired. I’m just trying to get some support, what I’m entitled, just a little. But Richard’s such a hardass  he’s not even being reasonable. He kept everything, he has all the money stashed away so I can’t touch it. So I’ve filed for divorce.
Well that’s too bad. You and Richard as a couple--there was a lot of love there.
“Sometimes the crap life deals gets in the way.”


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