Saturday, May 17, 2014

Changing the Bad Into the Good

If you use gratitude everyday your life will change in ways you can’t imagine. It will dissolve negativity. Gratitude is the bridge to love and nothing negative can exist in love. So when bad thoughts occupy space in your head you have the power to change this by simply being grateful for things in your life. You can’t be sad, or depressed or angry when you're grateful.  When you find yourself taking that slide to cranky, and irritated, stop and look around you for things to be grateful for, look for things that make you happy. Once you start looking, keep looking for another and another and what happens is those bad feelings that have crept up on you will suddenly dissolve. You can change anything negative into positive by doing this.

When problems crop up during your day, learn to not give them any energy, look for things to be grateful for and what will happen is those problems will disappear. And the reason they disappear is because you are not giving them  energy.

I remind myself often, and my kids that  everything negative and problematic in our life, we’ve created  by our thoughts. And we don’t even realize sometimes we’ve done it. Because what we think and what we believe are what we create in our reality. And it’s not about the other person, you may believe that challenging person you’ve met  or who is the source of all your misery is the problem. Well, they’re not. It’s you, the energy you give to the situation. If you focus  your energy on the problem you will make the problem bigger. Simply turn away from it, give it no energy and start looking for things to be grateful for.

One of the things I’ve learned and I stress to my kids, don’t talk about problems, or gossip about people because this isn’t being grateful or loving and will come back to you in ways you can’t imagine, and nothing good. It comes down to, you get back what you put out. I certainly don’t want people gossiping, making up stories about me, or dissecting my skills as an author, as a parent, as a community member. So I make a point if someone is gossiping about another person, I change the subject and end whatever is being said about that person with something positive.

If you are angry with someone, a spouse, loved one, friend or someone you met start looking for something to appreciate about that person and don’t focus on the problems. Feeling the need to vent about a person to a friend isn’t helping the situation for you. And all you're doing is giving energy to a bad situation and making it worse. When you start to recognize what you’re doing with these patterns you can change your entire life for you, for the better. 

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