Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to romance your Lady

I thought it would be fun to create a post about all the Alpha’s, the cops, the cowboys and the military captain that I write about, and how each one of them would put together a romantic dinner for his special lady.

Let’s start with sexy Joe Wilde from The One. A man tucked away on his rural acreage in Post Falls Idaho a cowboy barely getting by, and the one woman who he realized is The One, Margaret Tanner a former surgeon who has a gift with horses. Since Joe, is the backyard barbeque type, beers and burgers, and no love for fancy restaurants, he is more likely to try and whip up a dinner, something simple a meatloaf or burgers with a couple beers. This man is not a wine drinker. Then he’d take his girl out on the deck perched on his lap and take in the stars and keep her warm his way.

Now sexy big brother Brad Friessen who you met in The Forgotten Child, has grown up from his days of being a fast talking hot sexy rancher who appreciates beauty vs brains hanging off his arm. No with Emily, the first woman to ever show him what true love meant. He’d hire a sitter and take his sweet wife out to a nice steak dinner in Hoquiam, and maybe finish the evening off with some ballroom dancing, before taking her home and surprising her with whatever new lacy negligee he bought her from Victoria Secret.

Neil Friessen the extravagant middle brother is all class with his million dollar deals and not a hair out of place. No he’d insist on the finest dining experience with no expense spared. He’d whisk his sweet Candy off to Paris to one of the finest dining experiences then on to the theatre for a musical or play or something that’s received a lot of praise, and finish off the evening with an eight thousand dollar bottle of wine. Rose petals scattered to the bedroom and candlelight in the background.

Now baby brother Jed Friessen walked away from his family fortune. A cowboy who insists on doing things his way with no help from anyone. You met him in Fallen Hero and again in Secrets with his sweet wife Diana, the woman he loves more than his next breath. The mother of his children, and a woman he’ll go to his grave protecting. No Jed, would saddle up their horses and whisk Diana off for a picnic in the meadow. Hold hands and lay with her on a blanket under the deep blue sky. With no one around them to interrupt them.

Their wealthy cousin Andy Friessen is a man with a dark side that you first saw in Fallen Hero, but when he rescued his wife Laura this alpha is definitely a force to be reckoned with. You saw this in The Awakening, and then again in Runaway, he’s a man who doesn’t give his heart easily. Andy is a man every woman wants, but few could handle. For his romantic evening he’d make all the arrangements to surprise Laura, including ordering her a stunning cocktail dress that she’d find laid across the bed for her to slip on. He’d arrange for a limo to whisk them away to some out of the way dining experience, a four course meal, and then later dancing would be Salsa and something slow and sexy where he could have his hands all over his wife.

And then there is Eric Hamilton a US Navy Captain from Saved and Vanished, a man who fills many woman dreams of taming. A difficult, strong willed and opinionated man. He’s a military man in the blood, and loves Abby deeply. He’d surprise her with dinner. And it would be something special and creative some cuisine he’d learned from one of the many ports he’d been stationed around the world. He’d cook at home where the kids would be tucked in bed for the night and he’d slip on some romantic music something low and soft and he’d take her in his arms after dinner and dance with her.

Now, let’s move on to Sam Carre the cop and DEA agent you met in, The Choice. He pined for his dead wife for years even though she’d been a dishonest woman on the take. But when he met Marcie she stirred something in him he never dreamed he’d feel. With Marcie, he’d plan a romantic beach getaway, somewhere hot, sandy and exotic where she’d be in a bikini and he could appreciate the view.

Richard McCafferty from Lost And Found, a dark haired sexy man who could turn every woman’s head. A man in partnership with a dishonest scumbag, and really walks a fine line between truth and lies. Richard only has eyes for Maggie, his dark haired wife. Richard is a difficult man to read and you really wouldn’t know what he’d plan, but it would be somewhere private, where he could have his wife alone and his hands all over her. Dinner would be romantic a dark private booth in a restaurant a bottle of red wine and maybe a hotel room for the night.

Now last but not least, Zac, the gorgeous sexy scarred trauma surgeon who carries his own secrets and baggage from his years in the military. Diane’s new man you met in Bounty. He’d keep Diane at home where he could have her all to himself. He wouldn’t take her to his place, he’d cook dinner for her at her place and then he’d put on some soft music and he’d listen to Diane, let her talk and then show her how special she is to him.

There is only one thing all these strong Alpa’s have in common and that is they are strong willed men who are by no means a pushover for anyone. But each one of these sexy complex men has their own story, their own baggage, and each one of them is fiercely protective of his lady.

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