Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Does A Man Discredit A Woman?

The man was so charming. Remember the warning your mother or grandmother gave you about the way of charming men? Well it’s all about Power and Control.

Except we expect him stand out and be flashy and easily identifiable. The reason these suave sophisticated predators do so well in society is because of their skill. They are in fact some of the most respected members of the community.Underneath that you’ll find a trail of women and sometimes men they’ve used to make their way to the top.

Are all men predators? No, but the ones that are do considerable damage. They can be movers and shakers with positions of power in your community. They can be handsome and charismatic, and they attract women as bees to honey. Are they players? Some are some aren’t. But they are the guy—women/girls want to have in their life. Like the socially skilled predator they know how to fit into polite society. They hold really great positions, jobs, high profile, public, or working with the needy. They can be with the Fire Department, Police. Contractors who build homes, politicians, care workers, doctors, social workers. They seek positions where they’re in control like the property owner who rents homes to single mothers. They're masters at clouding a woman's judgment, and there isn’t a woman around that hasn’t at one time in her life been touched by one.

These charming predators can have fronts like the guy next door. They can also be the guy who parades women through his house like a revolving door, not choosy on who or their age. But unfortunately the latter is what we expect and is why so many women are deceived. How about the drop dead gorgeous forty year old living in a resort hotspot who preys on those hot teens sixteen, seventeen, eighteen...doesn’t really matter the age. And they do it in a way community members don’t know, or community members choose to look away. They’re suave, sophisticated, know how to maneuver a young girl, even an older woman into a situation for their benefit. And many of them, their motto is what can I take from her and what can I get for free.

They’ve practiced this skill secretly. This guy is that upstanding community member who donates his property for community events, helps the less fortunate, or the wealthy neighbor everyone thinks so highly of. And what’s really sad is he’s taken advantage of neighbors, those without a voice. Will those in your community know? Most will, but unfortunately what the predator counts on, no one will say a word. No one will stand up to them. And you know who pays for it? Their next prey.

The charm and power they exude attracts women. Because they know how to deceive community members, other women and men into believing their upstanding citizens.

But wait what if a woman was ever to stand up to one of these predators? They’ve already planned a way to discredit that woman or teenagers character. And remember these guys are believable in the story they can spin off their tongue, the lie. Because they live, breathe and practice lies. Deception is who they are. And what happens is women refuse to stand up to these predators, so do men, and instead they do what society expects. Don’t make waves, don’t cause trouble, keep quiet, and go away.

Because if you do stand up to one what happens next is he’ll discredit you. And how he’ll do it will leave you speechless. The well practiced predator will use another woman to spread his lies because he knows how to manipulate women. And women know how to talk down a perceived enemy, to spread gossip that will and can ruin another woman’s credibility, and destroy everything she’s worked for.

Community gossip is poison. There is a difference between warning others about a predator who will harm them, and destroying someone’s credibility. Ask yourself this the next time you hear someone’s poison. Who and what is really behind it?
A Freak Accident. A Drug Bust Gone Bad. One Haunting Question.
What would you do for someone you love?


  1. I've met a few men like this in my life time. And I DID stand up to them and yes, they DID try to discredit me. But when I smiled, shook my head and walked away from the 'poison' people began to question my response. When they questioned my response as in why isn't she upset?, then they began to question other things. In the end, the truth set me free and those people who were lied to finally wised up and saw the light. So in the end, I won by being honest. ;o) You make many excellent points in your article. ;o)

  2. Kudos to you Suzan. You are very wise. I do believe people will eventually see the light. And you are right the truth will set you free!
    Lorhainne Eckhart