Monday, January 9, 2012

The Storm - Gathering Information

The wind picked up through the day, into the evening. Thick clouds released heavy rain held back for days. Wind driven showers blew the trees, the bushes, soaking the dry ground creating mud and deep puddles everywhere. The power flickered on and off. 

Into the evening on Tuesday, Mishi had studied the photographs of the desecrated wheel. Her warning was clear—the same warning I received that morning. Don’t touch anything until you’re protected--until we know what we’re dealing with. The elders were consulted, and instructions were given. The tools needed would be on their way.

The storm blew through the night, high winds and rain. At first light the rain had tapered off to a light drizzle. Wearing boots and rain gear we wandered to the beachfront to the desecrated medicine wheel. But something had changed in the night. The cross had been knocked flat to the South, the northern Rocks scattered, and the lantern spilled on its side across the northern line. How interesting.

We took photos again and sent them to Mishi. The Elders advised the medicine wheel needed to be restored to its original intent. I chose not to do it alone, and not today. But to wait until help was available. Thursday the Wheel would be restored to its original intent. The Elders would be working the corners, walking the wheel with us on our chosen time. 

For those who missed the original blog when the medicine was built. Panji Mishiikenh Quay, which means Little Snapping Turtle Woman but most know her by Mishikeenhquay or Mishi for short, built a medicine wheel on the beach in front of my home. This spiritual wheel was built for Truth Honesty and healing. It is part of Native American culture representing the Universe. The best way to describe a medicine wheel and to have a greater understanding of, is if you think of it as a mirror in which everything is reflected. The Universe is a mirror of the people, and every person is a reflection of a mirror to every other person. The Eagle, flowers, the wolf, a story, can all be such a mirror. 

To give you an example each stone in the medicine wheel represents one of many things in the Universe. One represents me, one you. Others hold our ancestors. Others symbolize our government, religions, philosophies, friends hawks, eagles, deer, even entire nations. All things are contained within the medicine wheel. 

All things within the Universe Wheel know of their harmony with every other thing and understand how to give away to the other, except man. Of all the Universe’s creatures it is us alone who do not begin our lives with knowledge of this great harmony.

This wheel was built for goodness. Was built out of love. The intention was for Truth, Honesty and Healing.

I will leave you with an Apache Blessing sent to me this morning.

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