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Join Reiki Master Rachel Baldwin guest article on Psychic Attack

Today is the final day for the Holiday Giveaway. Rachel Baldwin, a Reiki Master and an author who writes for the psychic and metaphysical industry has written an article for this last day on Psychic Attack. 

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The featured blog for this giveaway touches on an unusual subject, and I welcome all comments.

Psychic attack by Rachel Baldwin

Being psychically attacked is very real and happens far more than most people realize.

There are people walking around that are totally negative about absolutely everything. It is one of the lower forms of psychic attack. This is a person who most people avoid, because without even realizing it, they drain those around them of energy. They feed off other people’s energy. I know this is difficult to believe but have you ever been in company and watched how there is someone that people sort of touch briefly to chat to, and then hurry on to the next person.

On occasions you can see people looking back in puzzlement and then turning back again quickly. This is a negative person. A great deal of the time they have no idea they are even doing it. This person needs the negative to attach themselves to someone and sap their energy.

There are also people who do it deliberately and knowingly. These are the more dangerous psychic vampires. I have watched this happen many times and it is extremely prevalent on the internet.  Here you often find this type of psychic attack coming in the form of group attacks. You find groups of people attacking one particular person without any known reason.  It is often that these attacks from groups will go after someone of extremely strong faith. Here they will gain the most if they can bring them down. They also become stronger if they succeed.

 It is fortunate that, success for them seldom happens against the strong of faith. This is probably why lately, they seem to have turned to attacking what some people call “newbies”, those that are new to the spiritual side of life and are seeking to understand it. Being spiritual does not mean that you do not believe in the Christian way of life, rather it means that believe in doing the best you can for the greater good of all mankind. It gives you the serene inner peace of knowing from the psychic side that life does indeed go on. It is this inner peace that most annoys the attackers. You are at peace with the world and can block out the attack. It might not be a pleasant experience to go though but in the end you will come out stronger in faith and in mind and body.

Cloaking yourself with a shield of inner faith is important to avoid psychic attack and attachment. To protect yourself you need to draw down a shield of light from above and tuck it in under your feet. By calling on your angels to protect you before venturing outside or on line you are doing the very best you can to combat the attackers.

 Psychic Attack

Illusions–The condition of being perceived by a false perception or belief. I created this blog to touch on subjects that can’t quite be explained. Here, is another one—Psychic Attacks—you’ve heard of  them, but many of you are unsure what it’s  all about.

A psychic attack can be defined as the manipulation of supernatural  forces and energy. It can be intentional by a highly skilled person in manipulating energy, or unintentional.

Remember that stabbing ache in your back or stomach you put off to your stress or anxiety, or the crowded room where that fight and flight instinct kicked in.  Psychic attacks happen when dark, negative energy is sent from one person to another. You could be in a restaurant, and that person beside you creates the disturbance in your energy field. It could be a boyfriend, a friend or family member. This dark energy can be a dark entity as well as a thought form  to create  harmful effects in you, the receiver of  this attack.

A word of caution— not all your troubles or difficulties are a result of a psychic attack. Maybe you’ve heard someone say “that’s hogwash that voodoo stuff.” Psychic attacks are  not real,” or “they can’t happen if you don’t believe in them or pay any attention to them.” But psychic attacks do happen, and the resulting problems you endure are a result of that negative energy. 

So how does it work and what can you do? These dark energies and entities that find their way into you and your homes can be sent without any awareness  into your physical body, and your energy field. Individuals who send this darkness do it intentionally to create harm, often to control, manipulate and punish you. They can involve rituals, ceremonies and or using the psychic powers of the mind.

There is one crucial fact to keep in mind. If your aura is strong and healthy it’s difficult and darn near  impossible for anyone to penetrate that field of energy and for a psychic attack to occur, and remember those that walk in the shadows prey upon the weak.

So how does your aura weaken? Emotions—all those pesky bottled-up feelings. You’ve heard people say let go you know when you hang onto that hurt, injustice, maybe a wrong done to you. Well those people are right and let it go in love. Well how about  anger, negative thinking, the use of drugs and alcohol, smoking, and a variety of diseases, do those weaken your aura? You betcha. But there’s much more to this. And I  invite all psychics, and metaphysical workers to touch on this subject in more detail.

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