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Welcome everyone to this First Annual Trick or Treat Blog Adventure. Rachel Baldwin is kicking off this spooky adventure with another one of her great articles. Rachel Baldwin is a Reiki Master, and writes for the psychic and metaphysical industry. I love her articles and I've received many emails thanking me for all Rachel's posts. If you leave a comment for Rachel, she will respond. Now for the treats! I will be giving away 2 eBooks of my last two releases, The Captain's Lady and The Choice. All you need to do in order to enter is leave a comment with a way for me to get a hold of you.

Runes have a very special place in the psychic world. The meaning of the term “rune” is mystery or secret wisdom. They have great magical significance and are used to create spells and foretell the future. The psychic world uses the runes as tools of divination and gateways to self awareness. The runes are part of culture and a way of life that existed in close connection with Nature.

This ancient alphabet is said to be the gift of Odin, the Norse God. According to Norse mythology, Odin is said to have hung upside down for nine days from the Tree of Life as penance. Upon dying, he was taken to the world of the afterlife where he is said to have gained all wisdom.  Having gained all the wisdom, he was reborn. He is said to have transferred all his wisdom to his people using the Runic Alphabet. This alphabet was popular in the Northern parts of Europe up until the Middle Ages - until the Roman alphabet became the chosen form of communication. Despite falling into disuse, the form and significance of the runic alphabet have been retained primarily in the manuscripts and inscriptions of ancient days. 

Runes have become very popular in today’s psychical world as they are seen as ideal tools for the purpose of divination or forecasting the future. Psychics use the skill of clairvoyance to see into the future, and the runic language has become an important tool to help those psychics who can predict the future. Classically runes were inscribed on small pieces of wood and different runes were put together to form ideas. As times passed, rune inscription was done on small stones or tiles and today they are available in all three forms. 

Psychics follow a pattern when they use runes as divination tools. Interpretation of the runes is based on the knowledge each psychic has about the language, and it is believed that the way the runes disperse is indicative of the answer that is being sought. It is important that the psychic clear his/her mind of everything else when doing a rune based psychic reading. Concentration is very important as patterns have to be read and interpreted. To enable concentration, it is normal for psychics to burn some incense or candles as this allows them to focus clearly on the runes. 

Runes are used primarily to provide answers and most psychics ask that the person seeking an answer have specific questions in mind so as to enable a good reading. General questions like “will I be popular?” will not get definite answers. Psychics use three types of rune reading to provide answers. They are:

1.    1. The one Rune draw. Here the psychic listens to the question and after concentrating hard upon it for a period of time draws one rune from the collection. This rune is then interpreted to give the seeker an answer.

2.    2. The three Rune draw. Here, the psychic draws 3 runes from the collection after having focused for some time on the question. The first rune is interpreted as the overview of the problem; the second is seen as the way in which the problem could be solved and the third is interpreted as the outcome of the course of action that is suggested. 

3.    3. The Yes or No draw. Here, three runes are drawn and analysed. When placed for interpretation, if the runes are upright, then they can be analyzed. All positive runes automatically mean a “yes” while even if there is one negative rune, it is seen as some reservation with the outcome.


  1. Thanks for participating in the Trick or Treat Blog Adventure!
    Joe Rinaldo

  2. Trick-or-Treat! I'm on the great Blog Adventure and looking for a treat for my sack. (I'm also a late entry to the blog list at JLB, scroll down and look for Candice Coghill, "Thus Spake the Herumdgeon,", I'm offering a $10 Amazon gift card.) Hope you get lots of Trick-or-Treaters!

  3. Hello,

    Another Ac blog Adventurer making the rounds to see what we are all up to. This kind of Mythology has always fascinated me, so I really enjoyed reading your post.

    Your AC friend,

    Dixie Goode

  4. This is really good. A boyfriend my Senior year of high school gave me a set of these. [Yes, we truly loved each other even though we were young] I have had 2 other sets since. In truth, I'm not even sure whether or not I'm any good at divination despite lots of practice. I haven't done it much for quite some time but still have a set. I only ever received any due to being 1/4th ethnic Swede. Nice article.


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